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  1. Nasreen

    The teaching methods are very effective,made my learning journey more enjoyable and the assignments were incredibly helpful.
    Overall, it was a fantastic learning experience.

  2. Naidu Sravani

    I enrolled in Chaitanya class for we application I understand Chaitanya class very well he has an excellent teaching skills irrespective of their college background anyone can understand his class thank you Chaitanya for enrolling me

  3. Varma..

    I learned new things and clear lecture. Thank you so much.

  4. pavan.j

    chaitanya teaching style very unique was engaging and interactive, making the learning process enjoyable. The use of real-time and assignment examples and case studies helped to clarify complex concepts, and your enthusiasm for the subject matter was evident throughout the course.Supportive Learning Environment I appreciated the supportive learning environment you fostered. The open communication channels, including regular Q&A sessions and discussions, allowed for a collaborative learning experience. I felt comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification when needed.

  5. Pranith

    Chaitanya is Fantastic trainer! Clear explanations, engaging sessions, and leaves you feeling capable and confident. Highly satisfied with the learning experience.

  6. Priyanka varma

    Chaitanya is outstanding! Simplifies concepts, keeps it engaging, and instills confidence effortlessly. Highly recommend for effective and enjoyable learning.

  7. Chakradhar

    I am non IT student. Chaitanya way of teaching was very good.

  8. Dharmateja

    i am from non IT guy new to these technology i can easily understand the topics Chaitanya’s way of teaching is excellent .He Always available to us and very patient. And explained very well

  9. Akshay Kumar B

    I highly recommend Chaitanya’s application security testing course. His teaching style is excellent which made complex topics easy to understand, very interactive sessions with regular assignments and the practical focus of the course has been crucial in bridging the gap between theory and real-time application. Thankyou bro

  10. Pavan kumar M

    Ability to explain in a deeper and easier is exceptionally remarkable.Explains to the point without any confusion.

  11. Sushmitha

    Training and explanation is excellent and much informative. Thank you for the guidance and giving me an opportunity to learn.

  12. Krishna Swathi Kavala

    Chaitanyagaru excels in web application security testing training.His deep expertise,interactive sessions and tailored curriculum make learning effective and enjoyable.Accessible resources and ongoing support enhance the overall experience.Higly recommended for anyone serious about learning web security skills.

  13. Prasanthi Teegala

    Chaitanya is a great instructor who was extremely knowledgeable. Training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Thank you so much for your guidance throughout the course!!

    1. Rakesh

      I love your teaching style and always look forward for your class because of the way you teach and the real-time web application testing. Interesting to watch and eager to learn. Thanks to you Chaitanya

  14. Divya Sree

    Enrolled for web application security training , Chaitanya’s way of teaching is excellent , he explains all the topics with real time examples so that everyone can understand easily, he will clear all our doubts any time

  15. Pavan

    I am working professional from diffrent background, when I tought about switching to this domain I do have a lot of doubts and confusions in my mind.
    When I had a discussion with Mr. Chaitanya about my doubts before joining this course, he explained very well and cleared my doubts.

    Chaitanya is very experienced and knowledgeable trainer. He keeps his lesson effective, engaging with all students.
    He conducts interactive lessons to involve every student and assignments in every weekend which will help us engage with subject, he definitely go through them and clarifies everything in return.
    He always responds for our queries anytime during our course.
    * I strongly believe and recommend him to everyone for the Cyber security – Web Application Testing course.
    Thank You Chaitanya for guiding us, hoping for bright future in it.

  16. Saimahesh

    Hi sir, the way you are explaining things are very understandable manner, iam gaining lot of practical knowledge from your teachings
    Thank you.

  17. Aruna Jyothi

    I have joined for Application security course teaching of chaitanya was perfect and easily we can understand and for the doubts he will be available at any time and he will clear it out and course is full of pratical session overall good experience

  18. R. Parthiban

    Chaitu sir teaching is really awesome, and I’m very glad to goin in the training and sir was so supportive . The way he explaining the topics is understandable. Thank u sir

  19. Saisrinivas

    In chaitanya training, we will learn more Real time work which is used in organization. I joined after 15 days in batch even though I m not at all feeling tough because of course videos and teachings are easily understandable.

  20. srihari

    training was absoutely great, the way examples in understanding manner for every individual and great support from the trainer. thank you for all the support.

  21. Anand ch

    I am learning practically a lot from your teaching, thankyou.

  22. Sunitha imandi

    Chaitanya is good at explaining things even if non IT people can understand easily. Till now I have gone through few trainings but no one taught like you. I am glad I am part of u r knowledge sharing. Thank you and all the best Chaitanya.


    chaitanya sir , your way of teaching is awesome and unique, you are one of the best teacher i met.
    after listening your class , day by day iam getting more confidence on myself.
    thankyou for your support 🙏

  24. Sharathkumar

    I have joined the mobile app security training my name is sharathkumar, and I have enjoyed the teachings of Chaitanya very much. The teachings of Chaitanya are easy to understand, and if we don’t understand he will take the time to explain it Thankyou chaitanya dande

  25. Shaik Dawood

    Enrolled for Mobile App Security training and chaitanya
    is really great at his teachings. He has excellent knowledge and the way he teach us is awesome even a non IT guy or someone who are new to the technology can easily understand the topics… he explain in a way even a hard topic will become easiest one to understand with realtime labs. Mostly, all concepts he cover with practical labs examples. Moreover, he clarifies each and everyones doubts and connect every person whenever in need that quality of creating a bond between students is rarely we can find in todays world. So, if someone looking for any trainings can just blindly go with Chaitanya Sir…

  26. Srilakshmi Atchutuni

    So far Training is going good. Chaitanya’s teaching way with real time examples helps to gain knowledge and also easy to understand. I wish him a very good luck. Keep supporting us.

  27. Tulasi mohan

    Training is pretty good, the way chaitnya sir teaches is dam good ,I have some fear at joining the classes, after joining the course it’s really interesting and knowledgeable, sir explained everything neatly from point to point.
    Thank you chaitnya sir.

  28. Prasanth

    Hi everyone myself prasanth…
    Here I joined in mobile app security and my teacher is chaitanya dande…
    Very good teaching skills
    Excellent way of teaching
    The depth of the subject is unique
    this man is not only a teacher
    He will bring out the best from his student,it is rare to see a teacher like you
    And the best quality in him is being available to everyone
    And responding to everyone in no time
    Thank you

  29. Avez Ali

    Great learning from chaitanya and the concepts explained by him are so easy to under stand

  30. Arun Kumar

    Excellent teaching and industry oriented, I really like way of teaching each concept in depth. thanks chaitanya.

    1. Dilip

      Chaitanya your teaching was Awesome.
      Your Pdf materials is in easy and simple English.
      Over all he always tries to give his best for everyone.
      Thank you and all the best chaitanya.

  31. Kantipudi Sai

    Traning was good. Your teaching was good the way u clarify the doubts was too good.

  32. Manoj

    I really like the way of teaching & explaining, and its very good and useful whatever the experiments you conducted, thank you Chaitanya

  33. Anudeep

    Chaitanya is an Excellent Trainer.I’m completely from Non IT Background even though I’m able to Understand his classes.I like the way he teaches.He will explain every Scenarios with Realtime examples and also gives the weekly assignments and he will review them. if there were any mistakes found he will correct them and explains them very clearly so that we can learn from our mistakes and we will be more confident.I’ve started learning web application security from scratch level and got good knowledge on this course because of Chaitanya.Kudos to Chaitanya!

  34. K S Devi

    Training is interesting and the course is one of the most prevalent platforms for information and services delivery over Internet today.
    coming to teaching techniques, chaitanya sir teaching is very interesting and knowledgeble. He possess with full of knowledge. Always available and guided me to build my confidence.

  35. Taj

    Excellent teaching by Chaithanya . He teaches from very basic to an expert level. It builds our confidence level. He is the perfect person with all the professional qualities. He clarifies the doubts in an easy and understandable way.

    Thank you Chaitanya for your teaching and support.

  36. Leela Nagarjuna

    Every thing is good, And fine ,your are giving the best.

  37. Teja

    Thanq chaithanya for giving wonderful platform to learn web application security, at the time of joining I have zero knowledge on course and I am from different stream, from the day one chaithanya starting teaching day by day I am getting interest on course that is only because of chaithanya the way he teaches is fantastic with realtime test cases, thankq chaithanya for building confidence and support….

  38. Kavya

    Hi chaitanya the way you teach was amazing.it was very detailed you even teach us basics to understand in a better way.you are always available for our doubts we learned alot from ur class.This is a great course.Thank you chaitanya for your support.

  39. Roopa

    Chaithanya is an excellent teacher. His teaching methods are great and very clear . He has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable and always keeping it light and easy. Real time website practicals and assignments are very helpful. Being a non-IT student I feel it might be difficult but once the classes started things changed I got much confident that i can go through the subject. He is very friendly and didn’t hesitate to clarify the doubts . It is a good paltform and i definitely suggest others to join in the course. Thank you

  40. Vijay

    I am from non-technical background so I think how can I able understand and some confusions… But, before joining the course ‘Chaitanya’ said only one thing come with empty mind.
    The first 10 days of course he teaches basics, that you will not able to found in google also… and all his own content and ppts… and also Real time practical’s on applications.
    Every week assignments… not only giving assignments he takes special classes for assignment review… there he will rectify our mistakes and also if there is any different approach to particular case…
    Chaitanya makes this course easy… just easy…
    There are no words to say about your teaching Chaitanya you are the best…
    Love you Chaitanya.

  41. Amareswar

    This is an excellent course especially for a person with passion and need for a better future. The instructor Chaitanya is great in his way of explaining the concepts clearly, with plenty of examples and practice. He introduces simple and highly effective, and also provides a lot of additional resources to help students achieve a long term goals. Once again its only recommended if you are passionate about your career. Overall, I consider this a great course, with a great instructor and I would recommend it to anyone!

  42. Sanjay

    Chaithanya Sir, Thank you for amazing lectures and discussions, before joining Iam worried about my decision but now I’m very much confident about what I did, he is friendly and always available.

  43. Ashwini

    I being a non IT employee was bit confused whether I made a right decision of joining WAS. But then as the classes progressed and the way Chaitanya teaches made me to feel that I made a right decision and iam content about the switching of my job. Would suggest to join this course if anyone are willing to do…And all thanks to Chaitanya….

  44. Mahesh

    Chaitanya bro ur teaching skills awesome.i am not from background of computer science even though your teaching skills easy to understand.tq for the valuable education…..

  45. Prasanth Mullapudi

    The way of teaching of chaitanya is very good. Being a non technical student i was afraid of joining the course but now the way of approaching and explanation make me to learn the web application security course very easy and helps in improving my skills.The quick response for our doubts and giving assignments which taught us real time experince is amazing.Thanks for helping us Chaitanya to move forward into technical career

  46. Sruthi

    Chaitanya has an incredible gift for teaching. His teaching methods are very clear and concise. He is quick to respond to any doubts in the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to learn from scratch. Thank you for making my career change journey an interesting and easy one.

  47. G Shashi Kumar

    The way chaitanya Brother teaches was very good.The way he interacts and respond was awesome. Thank you so much chaitanya Bro for your support.

  48. Padmavathi kale

    Hi Chaitanya sir, The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely liked it.I was very worried before joining the class but now am confident that try to move forward.confident and your support .
    Thank you so much sir

  49. Shiva

    Awesome course from chaitanya bro, Lots of detail covering each topic. The content is well presented and not boring or dragging the subject. Love the way the presentations, labs explained in broad, involving, and beneficial to me. You might need the lot of practice when you were into new technical background course like this application security I highly recommended it …
    as well personally when I have any queries everytime he responds in a cool and positive way.

  50. Ashwin

    The training was extremely interesting and useful. Explaining basics concepts and materials provided really helped. Quality of the content was excellent and good communication skills into perspective for me. Thank you very much Chaitanya for your very valuable training.

  51. Suvarna

    The way chaitanya teaches was very good.As a non IT guy I was worried before joining the class but now I am confident that I can try to move forward.The way he interacts and respond was awesome. Thank you so much chaitanya for building confidence and for your support.

  52. Hari Krishna

    Sir discussed wide range of elements.the course design and assignments are on par with the industry standards. Material and real time assignments provided by sir has been continuous guidance for us
    The quick resolution of doubts with in the time frame made us more awared about the course.
    The course is definitely a master piece in this industry
    Thank you

  53. Nalli Sunny

    Excellent training . I started it being a bit skeptical, just with the intention to go quickly through some video. but I changed my mind. There is so much to learn here. Chaitanya sir always available to solve the issue or problems during practical

  54. Anil

    Chaitanya teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise.He was very patient ,extremely knowledgeable and was an outstanding instructor. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning Application security.

  55. Sowjanya

    Classes of chaitanya are very nice and useful for knowledge increment which will enhance our courier very well , thanks a lot for guidance given by chaitanya..

  56. Sankar Chitra

    The way of explaining concepts are like very clear and in depth.Now im having confidence like I can do real time work with help of these classes.we impressed and big applause for sharing knowledge with us.

  57. Divakar

    Explanation about concepts was good and after completion of topic assignment which would help you to know whether you are upto to the mark or not
    Good trainer with great techniques

  58. Swaroop

    The key points in the course are chaitanya sir explanation and real time website practice.Concepts are explained very clearly.Assignments are helpful.It was a great learning experience.

  59. Hanok Divya kumar

    Chaitanya sir,Is a great instruction and very knowledgeable. This training was clear and detailed, the way he trained us is very easy to understandable. Whenever I have the doubts I can ask very freely to him and his response was very quick. Finally I learned something informative from this course.I really enjoyed this traning.

  60. Ajay Babu

    The training was good and deep, explaining all in real time App. One suggestion is to add some more information to the course. Remaining all excellent

  61. MadhuSudan

    First of all,
    I would like to share my experience with Chaitanya sir. I have joined many institutes but no one has been explained from scratch and in real-time. I was searching for real-time training and one day I get to know about Chaitanya sir and I have spoken to Chaitanya the way he explains about the course content at that time I fixed in my mind to join the course and learned real-time APP SEC skills and now I can feel confident.finally i suggest whoever want realtime skills in Cybersecurity i strongly recommend to take the course you will feel about your confidence and skills after joining the course for just few days only .Goodluck Aspirants.
    Thank you so much chaitanya sir .

  62. Sowmya

    Great learning experience.
    Given meterials were easily understandable,
    Real time assignments were very helpful and each and every point in that was explained clearly.
    Thanks for all your support and guidance 🙂 sir.

  63. Srinivas

    Awesome training. Nice explanation for each topic. Every doubt was clarified patiently by chaitanya sir. I like the examples he had given for clarifying doubts.

  64. Ritesh

    Teaching is nice
    Live classes
    Real time experience Hands on lab work
    Good guidance on job opportunities

  65. Sandeep

    Chaitanya has a very good insight into this course. He will help trainees to grasp the content in a very effective manner and with relatable examples.
    Great learning from him.

  66. ani

    Chaitanya was phenomenal as a trainer ,very well-versed in the topic and extremely credible for the indetail explanations of each topic. His conceptual knowledge has changed my perspective towards the subject by end of the course & thanks for making yourself available when required.

  67. Rajendra Prasad

    Thank you Chaitanya sir, The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely liked it. We all are impressed with your way of explanation in both theoretical and practical, Thank you so much sir.

    1. Vivin dodson

      Chaitanya is a very good trainer for application security. It was unfortunate that I was interviewed by him for an appsec job role. That was our first interaction. He guided and taught me the crucial things I missed. He’s friendly and has good knowledge in cybersecurity. I suggest whoever are cybersec enthusiasts and seeking for appsec should get trained here.

  68. Shiva

    Chaitanya, your teaching was good .The way of clarifying our doubts really its helpful for us.. Thankyou so much

  69. Ajay Reddy

    Training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Course was practically and informative. Chaithanya Sir is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. The course helped to build confidence,

  70. Latha shree

    The whole course of web application security was interesting. Chaitanya made it enjoyable and went into things in depth so we understood more.

  71. Sneha

    Enrolled for web application security and learnt a lot from the trainer (Mr.Chaitanya). Demonstration is very practical and realtime and helped me to get a job quickly. Thank you and i would love to enroll again for advanved trainings, thanks a lot.

  72. Harshitha P

    Chaitanya, you possess an ocean of knowledge. Your teaching is very conceptual and lively.Best learning experience..Additional knowledge and exposure to current technology was very helpful. Materials shared are easily understandable..Learnt well!! Thank you for showering it on us and being available whenever required.

  73. Mohammad Haneef

    Chaitanya was a fantastic teacher. Always available to us and very patient. The way he explains things is Awesome. Thank you so much for Sharing the knowledge. Looking forward to attend classes always when ever i need…

  74. Rahamathulla

    Training is absolutely awesome. Instructors teaching is something unique.

    1. Madhuri poldas

      Concepts and contents are very clear regarding web app security from chaithanya. Classes will be very interactive and interesting with weekly assignments and tests conducted. Learned a lot from this course and will be able to clear all doubts when ever required within time very thankful to all his guidance.


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